Trending Cream Colors

When you hear "cream," what do you think? Well, if you're a graphic designer, chances are you think of colors. That's because cream is often used as a color in design. And for good reason — it's clean, crisp and easy on the eyes. While most people think of cream as an off-white shade of yellow, its origins are more complicated than that. Cream is actually derived from milk. When milk is left to stand, the lighter fat molecules rise to the top and become cream. As such, you might also see cream referred to as "off-white" or "eggshell" in graphic design.

Adding a touch of cream to the color palette of your design brings a warm, inviting feel. It’s a versatile shade that works with nearly any other color and can help you create a professional and elegant look.

As with most colors and tones, there can be variations on the exact hue of cream used. For example, some designers like to use a slightly more yellowish shade of cream because they find it gives their designs more warmth (and therefore authenticity). It is an essential shade in every designer's color palette. From soft and subtle to bold and dramatic, cream colors are the perfect neutral for nearly any project.

Creams coordinate with a wide variety of colors and can be used to complement or contrast those shades. They are also the ideal backdrop for other colors, especially pastels and neons.