Trending Pink Colors

Pink is a color that can be used in graphic design projects to create a fun, approachable feel. It can also be used as a feminine and romantic accent shade, which makes it a versatile go-to color that's great for web design, poster design, and logo design.

While pink is often associated with love and romance, it's not just the perfect color for Valentine's Day design projects, but also for mother's day, girl birthdays, weddings, and more.

Trending pink colors for graphic design are usually light pastels or bright pops of color, this season's favorites include fuchsia, bubblegum, salmon and pale rose.

Pink goes very well with other similar shades such as coral, peach and apricot. It also makes a good base for a monochrome palette paired with black, grey and white. In recent years pink has been gaining popularity in combination with navy blue and emerald green — both are considered classics among modern color trends.