Trending Green Colors

Green is a fresh, comforting and calm color. Designers use it in the web, print and graphic designs to create a soothing and relaxing effect. It can be associated with renewal, nature, and energy. It can also mean “go” or indicate safety.

In graphic design, green is often used for emphasis as it stands out from other colors by its brightness. A green background or text can make a statement that the designer wants you to notice immediately.

Green is a color that is often used in association with money and finance but on another hand youth and inexperience.

With more than two million shades of green color, it's difficult to know which shades will work best for your project. Before you pick any shade of green, you should understand what each shade represents to your audience. For example, lime and jade are associated with nature, mint is linked to health and wealth and emerald is linked to royalty.